Head Coach


Coach Erin - Head Coach
(and creator of Activate Sports Ltd.)

She has been involved in many different sports throughout her life, as a child and as an adult. Her desire is to see every child find their active outlet. She is a wife, mom, coach, trained counsellor, and experienced business owner who holds her B.A. with a major in Psychology.



Every coach has completed their CPR, First Aid, Criminal Record Check and Child Abuse Registry.


Coach Ashly

Athletics has always been a large part of Ashly's life with volleyball being her favourite sport to play. Recently she has taken up dodgeball.
She brings with her many years of experience in coaching and working with children. She is a wife, kindergarten teacher and coach
who holds a B.A and B.Ed. 


Coach Tammy

Running and being active is very important to Tammy. Having taught preschool for many years, she is an experienced teacher. She is a wife, mom, coach, teacher and writer. 


Coach Kelsey

Currently taking her Bachelor of Education, Kelsey plans to become an elementary teacher. She has played and coached an assortment of sports. Her current sport of choice is inner tube water polo.   


Coach Rayna

Sports is a large part of Rayna’s life, with volleyball being her favorite sport. Rayna has worked a lot with kids through babysitting and volunteering. She is currently in high school.


Coach Shawna

Shawna currently works with kids and youth. She has vast experience working with kids and her Master’s in Education of Studies. Her latest sporting adventure is baseball!


Coach Petra

Petra recently graduated from high school and is currently enrolled in a Leadership program. She has lots of experience working with kids through babysitting, volunteering and being a camp counsellor.


Coach Joe

As a father of 3 kids Joe has lots of experience with kids. Joe was involved in gymnastics throughout his childhood and occasional tries his hand at it now. His favorite sport is volleyball.


Coach Meghan

Meghan has years of experience coaching. She currently also coaches skating in and around Winnipeg. She enjoys yoga, cycling and running. She recently ran a marathon.